Jesus taught us…

…to pray and encouraged us to pray with persistence.  In prayer, we open our heart, mind and life to God’s presence.  Sometimes that happens with words.  Sometimes with music or art.  Sometimes with movement or in silence.  We both speak and listen.

At Faith, we offer a number of places to pray, to learn about prayer and to receive the gift of prayer.

  • Prayer concerns are shared with the congregation during Sunday worship.  To include a name or concern, contact the church office at 317-849-1930 or [email protected] by Thursday.  Always, ask a person if they are comfortable being mentioned in worship, before sharing the name of someone.
  • A prayer chain offers to pray daily for those in need.  The names and concerns shared with the prayer chain are kept confidential.  To receive ministry through the prayer chain contact Hope Wilkinson at 317-849-5039 who passes them on to another link in the chain by phone or email.
  • Periodically, we offer classes or experience in various forms of prayer.
  • Praying with scripture is an ancient practice that sheds light on the scripture and our days.  Click here for daily passages of scripture.
  • Presbyterian Church (USA) offers a free app that offers guidance for daily morning, noon and evening prayer, with scriptures.  You can find it here.
  • The Presbyterian Mission Yearbook offers daily readings about the work of Jesus Christ throughout the world, scriptures and prayer.  You can find it here.