When it is time to mourn…

Blessed are you…

…for you shall be comforted. Whether you are planning ahead for your own service, the service of a family or friend, or unexpectedly must make arrangements, the community of Faith Presbyterian Church is able to support you in giving thanks and moving through loss. 

Funerals and Memorial Services

Each Faith funeral or memorial service is a Service of Witness to the Resurrection.  It expresses the great truths that in life and in death we belong to God, that God has sought us out in Jesus Christ and longs to bring about goodness for all people.  Each service also reflects unique aspects of the individual’s character and actions and should be filled with words, scriptures and music that are meaningful to those present.

If you are a member of Faith, it is part of our community’s relationship with you to offer pastoral care and services at the time of death for you or a loved one.  However, even if you are not a member of Faith, we may be able to assist you as the death of a loved one approaches and in preparing a Service of Witness to the Resurrection.

We encourage members and friends of Faith to be familiar with the funeral and memorial policies of Faith and to discuss your needs and wishes with those who will plan your services, including the pastoral staff of the church.   

If you are in need of care as death nears, or following a death, or would like to plan a funeral or memorial service please contact our pastoral staff by calling the church office at 317-849-1930.