Jesus regularly joined in worship and study with his community of faith and we continue that practice in his name.  When we gather together our experience of a powerful and merciful God is deepened.  We are reminded that together we are called to be the body of Christ.

Worship may be important, but that doesn’t mean it is formal or difficult!  Whether you grew up going to church or can’t name one hymn, you can worship!

At Faith, we offer three distinct worship services each Sunday.  The services share a worship space, the scripture and a deep sense of community.   

Simply Worship…

…begins at 9AM.  Simply Worship is a fresh, simple service of worship.  Paperless, we sing together both hymns and contemporary music. A piano leads our voices and inspires reflection. Media guides the service and offers the words we sing and say together.  The focus of the service is prayer and reading and hearing of scripture and a sermon.  The New Dawn uses less traditional language and usually lasts less than an hour.

This will begin December 1st.

Our traditional service…

…begins at 11AM.  This is a traditional worship with a progressive message about Jesus Christ. Our gorgeous pipe organ is used, hymns are sung and – except in the summer – the choir presents an anthem.  This service is more liturgical, using familiar Christian rituals and responses.  The service usually lasts a little more than an hour.

Dinner Church….

….begins at 5 PM. Jesus did it. The first Christians did it. Gathered people at a table, to eat and to hear the Word of God. They listened to each other and to the Holy Spirit. They became a community.  Dinner Church is a time and place to be fed, to be heard and to be in community.

Dinner Church will introduce you to the ancient practice of lectio divina, reading and hearing the Divine Word. You will experience God’s Word for you in a deep way. 

Dinner Church is for people who don’t want to go to an ordinary worship service and it is for people who love Christian worship and want more. It is free spirited with free food. There is no sermon and no judgment.  There is live music, community singing, children’s activities, rich offerings for the young at heart. Dinner Church last 90-120 minutes.  You’ll be home for Prime Time and to get ready for the week ahead.

You can read more about Dinner Church here. 

We welcome babies and children…

…of all ages into worship at Faith!  We are glad to have their rustling movements, coos, cries and over loud whispers in worship. 

During worship, children have the option of bringing a worship bag into the service with them.  The tie-dye bags include coloring books, crayons, a notebook, and a book to read.  Time with Children is offered at morning worship whenever two to ten-years-old are present.  Children come forward for a special word with the pastor.  Parents and guardians are always welcome to join us. 

Godly Play is offered at the first Sunday morning service, providing a rich age-appropriate worship experience.  Learn more about Godly Play here.  Provide link to HOW WE GROW, Godly Play

Our sanctuary is family-friendly.  We have several rocking chairs and tables at the back where families may sit so that children can color or read comfortably.  There are changing tables in several locations.

On Sunday mornings, childcare is available in the nursery for children 3 and under. Two professional childcare providers are present half an hour before the first morning service until 12:30 PM.

People who worship at Faith…

…wear what is comfortable and feels appropriate to them.  You will see a few men in ties at the traditional services and more jeans at the Dawn.  You may see high heels or gauges at either service. Don’t ever let what you have or want to wear keep you from worshipping and knowing our loving God.

Worship is a joy and a challenge!  We lift our spirits to God in praise and prayers and we receive the Word of God, which comforts and confronts us.  Not every part of the service will be comfortable for us; it may be just what someone else needs!  Worship is a community, where we are cared for and show our care for others.